English Conversation Competition – Best in Trivistreb

English Conversation Competition

The competition will be held in two runs

1st  run – Reading and Listening Comprehension, Word formation Test

February 6th, 2024 – 8,35 – language laboratory

2nd run – Speaking (a list of topics mentioned below) – participants who have succeeded in written parts are invited to speak in front of the boarding committee

February 13th, 2024 –11,30 – language laboratory

Contact your English teacher for further information – sign there

Topics for conversation competition – Best in Trivistreb


1 Family, housing, hobbies – your family, your friends, social life and communication, the lifestyle of young people

2 Global issues – environmental problems, war focuses, terrorism – dangerous situations, predictions, consequences

3 School education, future plans, problems of young generation – your school, your likes and dislikes about being a student, young generation and its problems, your future plans

4 Travelling – means of transport, your dream journey, problems while travelling, benefits, the USA/ the UK specifications

5 Nature and the environment – people´s attitude to fauna and flora, protection of the environment, climate changes and their consequences and solutions


Evaluations of the spoken parts 

  • creativity of the utterance
  • rich vocabulary,
  • grammar accuracy
  • phonology equipment